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What is G spot in Female, How to find it, and How it feels?

Orgasm is like a natural stress buster. It enhances your mental health, clears the skin, and makes you feel satisfied. Hence, women’s libido needs more Sensuality. During penetration, the deepest touch of the G spot in female is the mysterious point where they are likely to enjoy the darkroom with the pleasurable moments. 

But, have you ever think about how long and how far she wants satisfaction with her partner? Well, it’s an interesting one in which women can focus on one spot. 

“Because a happy woman needs the deepest thought of satisfaction.” 

Even a recent study of 2017 that 36.6% of women reported that clitoris stimulation is necessary and, 18.4% of them recommend that alone intercourse is enough to achieve orgasm. 

Some believe that G spot is just a name of deepest penetration, and some say that it’s impossible to have vaginal intercourse. It makes fact and presumption separate.

What is G spot?

  • However, it’s an extremely sensitive spot in the Vagina. 
  • According to the report of Dr. Beverly Whipple introduced it as a “come here” sensation. 
  • It tends to be found at 5-8 cm up in the front vaginal wall. 

Hence, it’s a spot of ice-melting orgasm in women. It is also known as Gräfenberg spot (German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg); it’s a female erogenous area. 

Many of us think it’s a myth. Because the research of 2017 also comes with empty hands. That shows there’s not any spot or spongy tissue. In which there’s only a tip of the clitoris. 

Did you know:  

  • Homosexual women have 74.7% climaxwhich is relatively more arousal than straight women. 
  • 31% of guys have faked an orgasm. 
  • During intercourse, there is a maximum of people between the ages of 18 to 34 who tend to use a smartphone. 
  • An apple a day is not just a myth. It’s a reality that maximizes the pleasurable moment. 

How to find women’s G spot?

Masturbation is just a part of maintaining personal health. In other words, you can find your arousal spot with fingering. 

Hence, it’s not shown in the anatomy of the female reproductive system. Each woman has different Sensuality, such as having mind-blowing experiences, and some have not so “Ahaa!” moment. 

  • Turn your finger on and slowly put it into you.
  • If you’re still not able to find a spongy tissue, then your finger is short. 
  • Finding a G spot in Female is not as finding the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. 
  • It’s like a cheesy layer of nachos; the more it melts, the more it can blow the mind. 
  • Feel the wall of the Vagina and the spongy tissue gently. 
  • Yes, you made it possible. 

Maybe it’s the best way to find women G point with the flow of patience and pleasure. 

Tip: Some women love it orally, and some enjoy the gesture of fingers. So, don’t be hesitate to go and get the best out of it. 


According to the above blog, G spot in Female is not a myth. It’s a sensation and the feeling in them. That’s known as the point of sensual orgasm. So, go and turn off the lights and understand the various arousals spots with our upcoming blogs.

Thank you!

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