Low Libido in Men


Low Libido: Is it Awaken? Or still, needs only 5 seconds? 

It’s winter when you turn off the lights just only for five seconds? What does it mean? Is it your extinguished feelings, or the timing goes wrong? C’mon don’t embarrass, somewhere-somehow we are facing low arousal due to the evolution of human. Here, we need to understand the condition of our loving partner. Even you have to google about Low Libido in men if your men lower their self-esteem.

What do you understand by Low Libido in Men? 

It’s a state of having low sexual drive or zero sensation of arousal. In other words, it’s a condition of having the least sense of timing. 

Is it any cause of it?

There are various causes of it can be your psychological health or physiological health. 

Let’s know the causes of physiological health first.

Low testosterone 

The potential cause of having low arousal is low testosterone. What is testosterone? It’s an essential male hormone that plays a vital role in the intercourse world of men. Testicles produce this hormone. 

Even it is also responsible for building muscles, bone mass, and sperm production. Yes! It seems micro but important for satisfaction. 

Therefore, normal male testosterone should be 300 Nanograms per decilitre (ng/DL). Even the American Urological Association (AUA) also found that if the male hormone is lower than 300 ng/DL, it causes low Libido in men. 

Psychological causes: 

  • Experiencing a bad relationship.
  • Suddenly the change of lifestyle and food. 
  • Thus, poor time management and an unusual diet can be the reason. 
  • Stress during work or late night work. 
  • Pornography is the primary reason that also affects the young generation and makes them mentally weak. 
  • Mental disorder or anxiety is another reason for it. 
  • Even insomnia is also effects to get the right pleasure in life. 

What are the tricks and the tips to awaken the sensation of sensual health?

Well, Foreplay is considering an erotic symbol. In which the beginning of the 5 minutes of spending successfully in the Foreplay decides your pleasurable end. 


“Turn off the lights and wake-up the mood” – Your Libido

When the things transform from oats to spicy chicken, then why not to taste it well. So, if your boredom performances can boost with Foreplay, then make it long as you can. 

Tip: Make your brain fool with the fake confidence that enhances your confidence level in real. 

The choice of Condoms beyond the colours!

 Even male condoms are 98% effective, in which the probability is 2 out of 100 women get pregnant. Even it lowers the chances of STD, HIV, and HPV. 

  • Try different textures
  • Forget the hilarious memories of unusual uses. 
  • Place your protection cover properly.
  • Breathe deeply! And relax, you can do it better. 


“Expired condoms are like a nuclear waste: there’s nothing sensible you can do with it.” ― Andrew Smith


Yes! It’s true. So, here’re the ways for a healthy quality time with your partner. 

What are the natural ways to improve Low Libido in Men?

  • Manage your mental health and anxiety. In fact, the researches of 2017 show that depression is the first reason behind Erectile Dysfunction. 
  • Spend some quality time with your loved ones because your relationship quality is the reason. 
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Focus on Foreplay. 
  • Herbal remedies can be the best solution.
  • A good nutrition diet full of fibers. 
  • Workout daily 
  • Quit smoking 


Hence, psychological health is necessary. Whereas a healthy libido is your responsibility. So, take care of yourself and your partner. Then it can enhance the quality time and improves the relationship between them. 

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