Know the best treatments for Migraine. How?


Migraine: A cause of mental distress!

When a migraine is in your working mood turns off and makes you completely nostalgic. Hence, this traumatic pain is the most common condition in which 18% of Americans are having it. But, do you have complete knowledge about it? Many of you are already confused about a normal headache or having a migraine. So, today on this topic we’re going to understand that what is migraine and what are best treatments for migraine? 

“His headache was still sitting over his right eye as if it had been nailed there.” ― Ian Fleming, Moonraker

What is Migraine?

Well, it’s a neurological condition that causes the symptoms of nausea, the sensitivity of lights, vomiting, fatigue, or more. It causes extreme pain in any one side of your head. Even it also causes pain in your eyes and makes you feel numb. 

However, it happens during the waves of excitable brain cells that trigger the function of the brain chemical named serotonin. It narrows the blood vessels and changes the effect the level of estrogen. And the result is migraines. However, tension, an unnecessary sleeping schedule, and regular alcohol intake can be other reasons. 

Did you know?

  • Migraine is the 3rd most common illness in the world. 
  • It commonly happens between the age of 18 to 44.
  • It happens between 10% of children and they really don’t even know about it. 

What are the symptoms of migraine?

However, it happens during stress and depression even it affects the eyes area, face, or neck. Therefore, it makes you dizzier and fatigued which makes you highly sensitive. In that way, it happens during pregnancy and menstrual period that’s why it will be better to consult with your neurologist. 

What are the best treatments for migraine?

  • You can try acupressure to reduce the aura of migraines. 
  • Try to sleep at least 8 hours. 
  • Avoid gadgets in your bed and avoid stress. 
  • Eat wisely and avoid caffeine in your meal. 
  • Exercise regularly and massage your head with mild warm oil. 
  • Try the lavender oil fragrance technique that tranquilizes your senses and makes you fall asleep easily. 
  • Drink warm Kesar milk hence it boosts your proper sleep. 
  • Follow your regular sleeping and avoid distractions during sleep. 
  • Apply peppermint oil or menthol oil on your forehead that makes you relax.

Note: Don’t try any of the above-listed best treatments for migraine without the approval of the doctor. You must get a consultation from the doctor first of all. 

Tip: You can try to face yoga and massage that makes you feel calm. 

How it affects your physical health?

Well, it lowers physical activity and makes you feel numb in some cases it will be necessary to consult with your neurologist. In that way, it will be beneficial to get the right prescription that reduces its hypersensitive effects. 


According to the above blog, napping and relaxation are the best treatment for migraine. Therefore, it will be better if you try some workout or yoga. The symptoms of migraine can be challenging so if you’re continuously facing it then it will be better to take care of your health. Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily and make yourself a priority. Within every 4 out of 8 people are facing this chronic headache in their daily lives and half of them don’t know about it.

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