Sexual performance without medicines

Sexual performance without medicines

Improve your sexual performance without medicines

There are numerous pills available on the market that claim to boost your sexual performance. However, almost every medication leads to some negative effects from moderate to severe. Therefore, rather than adding the medicines in your life, add some positive lifestyle changes to boost sexual performance without medicine. These lifestyle changes promote active and vigorous sexual drive and curb serious medical conditions.

Remark: Before you add any of these lifestyle changes, you must get counseling from the doctor. The doctor will verify your health status to ensure whether you are apt for these ways or not.

The male’s sexual power depends only on blood circulation. If the blood flow is good throughout the body, you will achieve a firm, durable and long-lasting erection. On the contrary, if blood flow is intermittent, you may face multiple challenges. The prone challenges are soft erection, premature ejaculation, and low libido.

Go through the below-listed ways to take your sex life to another level. None way leads to negative effects if used correctly. And to run these lifestyle changes to turn your sex drive active, you will not have to hamper your schedule.

#1 Stay active- 

  • Sex performance is associated with cardiovascular health.
  • You are prone to a sexual disorder such as ED if you are under any heart problem.
  • Therefore, keep your heart in shape and safe to take up your sexual performance.
  • Thirty minutes of sweat-breaking exercise such as running and swimming can surely give instant results in your sex life.
  • However, get the professional’s advice before adopting any exercise if you go through any heart-related disease.
#2 certain foods and vegetables-

Some food and vegetables are enriched with the element that adds the lost spark to your sex drive. Below listed foods and vegetables promote healthy blood circulation throughout the body resulting in a vigorous and durable erection.

  • Onion and garlic- Onions and garlic are enriched with properties that promote active blood circulation in the body. Besides, these vegetables promote a healthy sex drive and lead to other benefits to health. 
  • Banana- Bananas are rich in potassium, effective in treating high blood pressure. Daily consumption of bananas can benefit your sexual parts and performance. 
  • Chilies and peppers- Foods that have a good amount of chilies and peppers can improve your blood flow in the body. These elements function by decreasing inflammation and hypertension to promote good blood flow. 

#3 reducing the stress- 

You may find multiple hurdles in your sex drives, such as unpleasing sex, low libido, and facile erection due to psychological issues. The psychological issues don’t only affect sexual drive but also lead to other medical conditions. For example, these problems can shrink your blood vessels, leading to intermittent blood flow. Therefore, get medical assistance if you are going through any mental disorder.

Some natural ways can help you to get over stress such as-

  • Performing the mindfulness activities such as Yoga.
  • Have an open conversation with your partner.
  • Taking the plenty amount of sleep.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and busy.
  • Cutting off negative surroundings.

#4 cut off on bad habits- 

  • Cutting off on bad habits can also positively affect your sex drive.
  • Bad habits like smoking, excess alcohol consumption, and drug misuse affect sex drive severely.
  • Try to replace bad habits with beneficial activities such as exercise, learning new things, and eating well.
  • Notable, taking a moderate red wine can improve your sexual performance.
  • However, taking an excessive amount of red wine can impair your sex life by leading to problems.

#5 Improve longevity with masturbation- 

  • If you find it difficult to last on the bed, you might need some practice.
  • Masturbation can help you to improve bedtime longevity.
  • However, inappropriate and excess masturbation can also be unhealthy for the health.
#6 understand your partner desires-
  • Sex is not a one-way street; understanding your partner’s desires and moods can ignite pleasure.
  • You must hold an open conversation with your partner to understand their sexual needs and desires.
  • Open conversation can curb the possibility of meeting the awkwardness between the intercourses.
  • If you aim to avoid each other sexual fantasies, you might end up with an unpleasing sex drive.

#7 meat and sexual power co-relation

There are some meats that can help you to improve your sexual performance on the bed. However, if you have any allergies to any of the substances below, avoid taking them.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids- Foods enriched with this element promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. You can find omega-three fatty acids in salmon, avocado, and olive oil.
  • Eggs- Eggs are rich in vitamin B that balance the sex-associated hormones. Besides, eggs also lower stress by inducing good-feel chemicals in the body.
#8 harmony in the relationship with a partner- 
  • Having an unbalanced relationship with your partner can also lead to an unpleasing sex drive.
  • Besides, being on bad terms with a partner also affects you psychologically by leading to stress and anxiety.
  • Therefore, if you are going through any relationship dilemma, talk about it openly with your partner to find solutions.
  • Maintaining open communication can prevent the communication gap and misunderstandings.


If you are going through low sexual performance, you can add the above-listed ways to boost your sexual performance without medicines. These ways lead to effective results within a short while if used appropriately. And, these ways don’t provoke any side effects. Therefore, you can add these ways without any worries. In case you are running under any serious medical conditions, add these marks only after the doctor’s approval.


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