Ladies! Your real treasure is your hairs

Ladies! Your real treasure is your hairs| The secret of hair growth 

Every person has their own personalities, so as their hairs. However, accept it or not, hairs are the real jewel of women, such as Brown hairs with beautiful curls, wavy with dark black shade, sleek red hairs, Long Rapunzel hairs, or more. Hence, it represents the personalities and makes them more confident. A strong woman can face every single challenge in her life, but what makes her upset? Hair fall in women the only worst news that freaks her mood swings more than the menstrual cycle.

Hair fall in women As it says:

“Women thinks a little extra than men and having the ability of multitasking at one time.” –Anonymous. 

So, genuinely when it comes to any task or challenge, then she’s the boss and the real gambler at the same time. Remember the Hair loss remedies of our grandparents? Yes, they were right. Because the upcoming generation comes with new therapies like hair color ideas in 2021, hair growth tips, curl, straightening styles. These are the reasons for less hair growth.

Most of the women have various queries due regarding the reason for hair fall. 

There are various reasons:

  • Imbalance of Hormones
  • Anemia or Iron deficiency
  • Stress & depression
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Lack of Vitamin B12
  • During cancer treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Hairstyle pulls
  • Scalp Infection
  • Or more.

But, these are the primary reason for hair fall in women

What are the dos and Don’ts for your Hair care tips in 2021? Reduce Hair Fall in women

Do’s for hairs:

  • Massage your scalp at least 3 days a week. Even a study proves that if you massage your hair every day, it enhances the thickness because it evaluates the number of hair, hair growth, and consistency.
  • Don’t miss the appointment with the barber because trimming is as necessary as your regular looks. Trim your hairs within 2 to 3 months. It makes your hair livelier.
  • Too much shampooing or washing your hair every day is like too much sugar in your coffee. So, try to wash your hairs at least 3 days a week and don’t forget to condition your hairs.
  • Right Vitamins suit you! Yes, it’s true because proper nutrition positively affects your flaunty swirls. Nutrition like Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, cereal, salad, Eggs, lean meat, fish, or related meals are important nutrition for your hairs.
  • Avoid hilarious hairstyles as it’s not with the side of your healthy hairs. It pulls the roots of the hairs and makes more hair fall in women. Avoid straighteners and extreme heat for your hairs.

Hence, these are the essential hair care tips for your hairs. These are highly effective and basic.

Because basic is too much.

Don’ts for hair fall in women:

  • Avoid chemical reach hair masks, shampoos, and unnecessary hair treatments. Because these are the enemies of your natural hair growth.
  • Try to be natural and reduce hair colour and highlights.
  • Even straightening, curling, hair blower burns the layers and reduces its natural shine and volume.
  • Cover your hair before you’re going outside in the pollution as it affects the hair follicles and weakens the natural strength.


Hair fall in women is the most effective condition. In which there’re 3 out of 5 females are facing it. So, try essential remedies and eat properly. These are the beneficial hair growth tip that enhances the growth of the hairs.

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