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Live Updates COVID-19 CASES
  • USA 31,869,980
    Confirmed: 31,869,980
    Active: 6,870,798
    Recovered: 24,423,589
    Death: 575,593
  • India 13,358,805
    Confirmed: 13,358,805
    Active: 1,108,057
    Recovered: 12,081,443
    Death: 169,305


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Trump said to provide emergency authority for vaccines in the U.S
The Food and Drug administration allows granting emergency authority in the United States for the Vaccination –Said Trump
BJC and SSM are getting their first COVID-19 vaccine
BJC and SSM are getting their first COVID-19 vaccination on Thursday. They already received 9,750 doses from Pfizer Vaccine on Tuesday.
The Dose of Vaccination
It is acceptable to use these vaccinations' full dose –Food and Drug administration tweets on Wednesday.
The Availability of the Vaccination
The pre-booking of the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination starts, and many countries already put this vaccine in their carts.
Researcher’s said!

Albert Bandura
American-Canadian psychologist

Carol Gilligan
Humanities Professor | New York University .

Paul Bloom
Professor of cognitive science | Yale University.

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