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Which is better for Anxiety Ativan Vs Xanax?

Anxiety is the feeling of being intensely worried, concerned, and anxious about future consequences. However, anxiety is not always dangerous. Sometimes, it assists us in predicting upcoming events. We often seem anxious when we go through a situation that is not working in our favor. Although, when the situation starts working out in the right manner, we get back to our healthy and active mindset without any treatment. The real disaster arrives when the anxiety doesn’t come to an end after situation normalization. In such scenarios, Ativan can play the role of lifesaver by kicking out the anxiety. Before you buy Ativan online, let’s go through some astonishing facts about Ativan.

Anxiety doesn’t void tomorrow of it distresses, however just exhausts today of its strength.” —Charles Spurgeon

Facts about Ativan pills-

  • The doctor approves the use of Ativan only for the short span. The usual treatment duration can be from 1 to 2 weeks. However, the doctor may reduce or increase the span of the treatment if necessity triggers. Although you shouldn’t make changes in the approved treatment duration unless the doctor says so. In case if you expand the treatment duration, you may go through negative ends. 
  • Ativan’s use for the long term can result in severe withdrawals. The Ativan withdrawals may consist of insomnia, seizure loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, rebound anxiety, and many more. Therefore, you should use the Ativan tablets only for short-term goals. In case the doctor directs this medication for long, then don’t stop its usage abruptly. Reducing the Ativan dose gradually can prevent withdrawals. 
  • It might be shocking, but yes Ativan was the 48th most directed medication out of 200 in the united states. Mental disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks are increasing worldwide rapidly. Psychiatrists mostly prescribe anxiolytic medication for rapid relief. At the same time, the long-term consumption of such medication is life-endangering. 
  • This medication seems safe in children and older adults. Older adults and children are more sensitive to get into the side effects of Ativan. Therefore, if you are from this age group, you should avoid the usage of this medication. In case if you are using it, kindly follow all the Ativan precautions and run the treatment under the doctor’s supervision. 

Before you buy the Ativan online or any other medication for anxiety, firstly go through some other natural ways of treating the anxiety.

  • Cutting off on alcohol and other such beverages can help in managing anxiety symptoms.
  • Keep yourself active and keep going for the entire day rather than being stuck at home with dark thoughts.
  • Stop the usage of cigarettes. Smoking can increase the chances of meeting anxiety disorder.
  • Omit the use of caffeine if you are under chronic anxiety. Caffeine can worsen anxiety symptoms.
  • Getting enough sleep as per your age group can help in reducing anxiety.
  • Practicing yoga and mindful exercise is seen as the most effective way to deal with anxiety.
  • Eat a diet consisting of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Basically, there are two types of anxiety. However, both have different specifications and symptoms. To know about these distinctions and specifications, go through the below information.

  • Short-term anxiety- When the anxiety symptoms persist for 1 to 2 months, it is short-term anxiety. In medical terms, short-term anxiety is indicated as acute anxiety. The possible causes of short-term anxiety may include relationship troubles, financial instability, and career stress. The symptoms of the short-term anxiety wave off on their own without treatment.
  • Long-term anxiety- When the anxiety continues to affect someone daily for more than three months, it is long-term anxiety. Another popular name for long-term anxiety is chronic anxiety. Chronic anxiety possesses the potential to affect one’s life brutally. Therefore, if you are going through chronic anxiety, seek treatment without delay.

There is a medication, i.e., Ativan, which is highly effective in managing short and long-term anxiety. There will be fewer likelihoods to go through any Ativan side effects if you are using it under general warning and precautions. Before you buy Ativan online, go through the factors that you should consider during the treatment.

What is the Ativan pill? 

Ativan comes as a short-acting benzodiazepine for the effective treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. This medication functions by releasing its effects in the system immediately after intake. However, its effects on the body after the last usage is around 6 hours as it is IR. In other words, this medication can be used on an as-needed basis. Although, you should not take more than one dosage in 6 hours.

There are multiple strengths of the Ativan available in the market. All of the strengths come in the immediate release formulation. The primary objective of all the strengths is similar, but there are some distinctions in the mechanism rate. Notable the distinction in the mechanism rate is due to the active element ratio. The lower subsets, such as Ativan 0.5mg, have low lorazepam, whereas the high dose such as Ativan 2mg has a high amount of active element.

The doctor goes through some primary factors, including health status, previous health history, and current ongoing treatment. If the doctor doesn’t find the use of the Ativan suitable for you, the doctor may direct some other medications. In contrast, if everything goes fine, the doctor may assign you the low dose of Ativan to begin the treatment. However, beginning the treatment with Ativan high dose can result in withdrawal and side effects. Therefore, kindly go as directed by your doctor during the consultation.

Prescribed for- 

  • As a front-line treatment, Ativan is only approved by the FDA to manage anxiety in adults.
  • However, it can also treat other medical conditions that may include agitation, sleeping issues, seizures, and alcohol withdrawals.
  • Besides, the FDA doesn’t approve this medication’s usage for any other medical condition instead of anxiety.
  • Therefore, kindly take the medical consultation before you start using the Ativan for second-line treatment.

Ativan vs Xanax- who is the winner? 

Ativan and Xanax have been serving for a long to address the psychiatrist’s issues such as anxiety and panic attacks. However, both medications can’t be used altogether due to severe interaction. Therefore, go through the below traits to know which is more effective for anxiety treatment-


  • Ativan is used to treat multiple conditions, such as anxiety, insomnia, agitation, and alcohol withdrawal.
  • On the contrary, Xanax IR and XR are effective for the management of anxiety and related disorder such as panic attacks.


  • Ativan comes in numerous strengths, such as Ativan 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. The initial dosage of lorazepam is 0.5mg to 1mg two to three times a day for anxiety.
  • Xanax has two variants that are immediate and extended-release formulation. The immediate-release formulation has a strength from 0.25mg to 2mg. However, the extended-release formulation has powers from 0.5mg to 3mg.


  • the immediate and extended-release formulation of the Xanax may take up to 1 to 2 hours to begin effects. 
  • On the contrary, Ativan works in the system within 20 to 30 minutes after the last intake. 


  • The effects of the Xanax IR remain for around 6 hours after last use. In contrast, the effects of the Adderall XR are functional for only 8 hours after the last dosage.
  • However, the effects of the Ativan are effective in the system only for 5 hours after the last use.
What is Generic Ativan? 

Generic Ativan is the cheap version that costs less than the brand version. The generic Ativan is well-known as the lorazepam. The front and second-line use of the brand and generic Ativan are the same. Despite the same medications, the prices of both drugs repel each other. For example-

  • The generic Ativan is pocket-friendly and affordable for everyone.
  • However, the brand version is not fit for everyone.
  • Therefore, it will be better if you ask your psychiatrist to offer you a generic edition.
  • You may go for additional savings by getting the generic Ativan.

Note: Don’t buy Ativan online or offline unless the doctor directs you. Using this medication unnecessarily or without the doctor’s approval can result in the side effects of the Ativan. Therefore, to avoid such fallouts, run the treatment as directed by the doctor.

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