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Is your bedtime being increased over time? Or Low bedtimes leading to concerns to your health and relation? So, with aging maintaining the spark in the sex drive gets tough. Males go through multiple challenges such as premature ejaculation, unstable erection, and unpleasing sex. As per the surveys, erectile dysfunction came out as the most common sexual disorder than others in males. There could be various possible reasons behind ED, such as aging, medical conditions, and relationship troubles. Although there are various treatments available to get over erectile dysfunction. One such treatment is Levitra online for ED. You should not buy Levitra online if the ED is treatable by working on the root cause.

Note: If the root cause of the ED is any medical condition or relationship trouble, it can be addressed without medications. Addressing the root cause is one of the effective ways of treating erectile dysfunction in males. If the cause is aging or anything else, you can buy Levitra online. However, before coming across Levitra efficacy in ED, go through the possible causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

Some potential causes of erectile dysfunction- 

  • Aging- In most cases, aging comes out as the primary cause of ED. With aging, some hormonal changes take place. For instance, testosterone level is a sexual hormone that regulates the sexual activities in the males, such as erection and arousal. However, once you cross the age of 30, your testosterone starts falling by 2 to 3% each year. Low testosterone levels can induce several changes, such as ED and low libido.
  • Physical health conditions- Some health conditions could lead to troubles in the sex drive. Conditions like heart problems, diabetes, and thyroid can affect the blood flow throughout the body. And the erection is solely responsible for the blood flow. If the blood flow in the sex organs is intermittent, you will not get a durable erection.
  • Psychological disorder- Psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and ADHD can affect sex life severely. Such mental conditions lead to trouble in getting sexually stimulated. Therefore, get medical assistance if you are going through any such conditions.

How is Levitra an effective ED treatment? 

Levitra belongs to the same drug class where Viagra and Cialis come. Therefore, the mechanism of these medications, including the Levitra, is the same. They function by boosting the blood flow throughout the body by affecting some natural chemicals. As a result, you get a durable and bold erection with good blood flow. However, you must be sexually aroused to get the effects of the Levitra. Levitra doesn’t function to stimulate you; you will have to get the arousal yourself.

Primary treatment- 

  • FDA supports the usage of Viagra only for the management of erectile dysfunction in males.
  • This medication doesn’t have any efficacy in children and women for sexual disorders.
  • Levitra tablets are only effective in males older than 18 years diagnosed with ED.

Secondary treatment- 

  • The doctor may also direct this medication for other medical conditions, such as premature ejaculation.
  • Levitra increases bedtime by slowing down the process of penetration to ejaculation.
  • There is no other Levitra uses approved by the FDA other than the listed ones.

How can you buy Levitra online?  


Levitra tablets are a prescription drug in the United States. Therefore, you must have the prescription to make the purchase for it. You can’t buy Levitra online or from a local store without a prescription. Therefore, the only manner of accessing this medication is to have the legal prescription of a qualified doctor such as a sexologist. Although, the same regulations don’t implement in other countries such as the UK.

Therefore, to get the prescription for the Levitra, you will have to be connected with a qualified sexologist. The doctor will analyze several parameters before assigning you these medications. And in case working on the root cause seems the best ED treatment, the doctor will assign you this.

In case the case is extreme, the doctor may prescribe you Levitra online. However, you should go through the Levitra precautions and general warnings before you commence the treatment. And keep the guidelines in mind throughout the treatment to avoid the risk of meeting the side effects.


You should buy Levitra online only when under erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation disorder. Taking it up for any other conditions can be dangerous. In addition, you may meet Levitra’s unwanted side effects due to taking it for non-medical uses.

Is Levitra available in the generic version? 

Yes, generic Levitra is available in the United States with the name of Verdenafil. In addition, Levitra indicates itself as the brand edition. Both editions, be they generic Levitra or brand Levitra, are the same medication for the same treatment. There is nothing diverse between these two editions, such as functioning, efficacy, and working. However, the only evident difference between generic Levitra and brand is prices.

The prices of the generic Levitra remain low as compared to the brand version. However, the prices of every brand version remain high. Therefore, you should use the generic Levitra to manage the extra savings. You will have to ask your doctor to prescribe you a generic version over brand.

What are the Levitra side effects? 

Levitra tablets don’t lead to side effects if used precisely. Therefore, before you aim to begin the treatment, go through the precautions and general warnings. In case you disobey Levitra uses guidelines, you may fall into its side effects ranging from common to serious. Hence, run the Levitra usage on the directed terms to avoid meeting the side effects.


Common side effects of Levitra Severe side effects of Levitra
Indigestion Chest pain 
Headache Back pain
Running nose Bone pain
Flushing Irregular heartbeat
Dizziness Hearing loss
Low blood pressure Blurred vision
Heartburn Extreme low blood pressure
Stomach upset Lightheadedness
Nausea Fainting
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